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Re: 2016 Christmas Quiz IV

Subject: Re: 2016 Christmas Quiz IV
From: John Hearne
Date: Dec 16 2016 15:01:53
Adam was the man I had in mind with the question Bill.

I confess I haven't read the bible, nor even opened one I think, but
What-ho Bill mentioned 'The Orchard' by Pete Brown here a few weeks ago and
I gave it ago. I always thought Adam spent his Eden days lounging about
amongst the flowers, but Mr Brown's version has the garden planted with
'every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food' with no
mention of flowers, the emphasis being trees providing fruit so nutritious
that 'to you it shall be for meat'. It was an orchard of sorts and
apparently Adam wasn't put there to lounge about at all, but for the
express purpose 'to dress it and keep it'....making Adam an arborist, or as
Pete Brown says, an orchardist.

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