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Making a TPO with category C and other trees

Subject: Making a TPO with category C and other trees
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 29 2016 13:22:21
I'm in the process of making a TPO on a large number of trees planted a few 
years ago to discharge a condition and have discovered a few omissions. This 
is not in itself a problem since we are confident they will be planted this 
season, but I do not want to delay serving the order.

The TPO template states:
Application to trees to be planted pursuant to a condition
4. In relation to any tree identified in the first column of the Schedule by 
the letter "C", being a tree to be planted pursuant to a condition imposed 
under paragraph (a) of section 197 (planning permission to include 
appropriate provision for preservation and planting of trees), this Order 
takes effect as from the time when the tree is planted.

So if I read this literally I will have to make 2 orders, one on those 
planted and another on the category C trees?  Or can I in fact put my cat C 
trees in with the others, and the order will be valid from the service date, 
except in abeyance for the cat C trees?

(This may be more obscure than the Christmas quiz, but I just thought I'd 

Ta, Edmund

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Heritage and Urban Design
City Planning

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