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Using Uniform to plot trees for TPO

Subject: Using Uniform to plot trees for TPO
From: Adam Maskill
Date: Dec 30 2016 15:49:01
Good afternoon,

Does anyone who uses the TPO module in Uniform use handheld GPS to plot 
trees? I have a rather large site where I would like to modify from an area 
to specific trees prior to confirmation and the prospect of manually 
inputting each tree is pretty daunting. I was hoping that someone might be 
able to suggest a way of getting accurate positioning for trees with the 
least amount of bother i.e. plot and record trees in the field then plug them 
into Uniform and then marvel at the completed schedule.

Any advice would be great!

Many thanks,

Adam Maskill
Tree Officer
Hart District Council

01252 XXXXXX<>
Twitter: @HartCouncil<>
Facebook: /HartDistrictCouncil<>

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