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Conservation Area offence

Subject: Conservation Area offence
From: Staden, Richard
Date: Jan 10 2017 18:46:13
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Dear collective.
I have a situation in a Conservation Area where an owner of a large beech 
tree has butchered the lower canopy, I suspect in full knowledge of the Regs 
(although claims ignorance) without submitting the requisite Sec' 211 Notice. 
They have left long stubs with tears etc - you know the sort of mess - and 
there is just about enough left of the canopy to make it worth retaining 
although it would not meet any 'best practice' recommendations. It leaves me 
in a quandry as to the best course of action. Options as I see it are

A.     At stake is the principle of whether they should be allowed to get 
away with it, by considering a prosecution or at-least a caution. However, 
this entails lengthy legal procedures resulting in questionable benefit to 
the public

B.     Whether I have any powers to get them to remediate the mess by at 
least tidying-up the work.


C.     Whether I can force them to plant another tree despite them not having 
removed this one entirely.

It has to be said that if I'd been notified in the normal way via Sec 211  
and I couldn't have persuded them to limit the amount of work I would have 
imposed a TPO; it is a valuable tree, although now somewhat diminished.

My inclination is to try and persude them to tidy up the tree, issue a 
warning letter, and be done with it. I'd welcome any other wisdom that might 
be brought to bear however.

Richard Staden
Landscape Officer
Conservation Team
Pembrokeshire County Council

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