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how to fell a decayed beech

Subject: how to fell a decayed beech
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Apr 04 2017 19:49:01
We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who is
passionate about the natural environment to help deliver a forward thinking
arboricultural service. You will be involved with the management of a large
tree population, carrying out tree inspections and working closely with the
council’s tree work contractors to deliver the tree maintenance work

Dear Collective,

                I was out at a site - a small urban country park if that is
a not a contradiction, part meadow with a rind of mid-victorian woodland,
now individual big trees in a matrix of regen; and after inspecting the tree
I'd come to see, the warden took me to look at a very large (35m x 120cm)
beech which had shed a major limb; it was hollow, big mycelial sheets
inside, K. deusta - both forms - on south and N side (cavity to east) but
vigorous stem growth on the west side; inside the cavity was lots of old
brackets of Polyporus squamosus. Full crown, nicel;y balanced over the base
- no side-loading - with good extension growth; sticks head and shoulders
above the other trees, catches the wind from all but the north. Has an
historic sunken lane to west - now a footpath - and the boundary of adjacent
properties to south as principal targets, plus regular dog and other
walkers. It is not within reach of somewhwere to site a MEWP; too heavily
decayed in my view to risk climbing and cutting off bits - the shock-loading
as pieces cut and fall likely to fracture the stem.  Probably climbable in
quiet weather to put up a winch cable; there is access for a tractor up hill
on a level with the middle of the crown, and out of falling distance. My
suggestions to Dave were 1) leave it to fall on its own - probably in an
easterly or SE gale but this has target issues - have to close the park in
windy conditions, etc -  or find an explosives expert, preload a winch cable
to the crown, , and detonate a shaped charge at the base - if you could find
someone to do that.

There must be other ways, but I'm damned if I'd be anywhere near the base of
the tree putting in a dip cut with a chainsaw with it is that condition..


Any ideas?  I will post some more photos on succeeding emails


All the best



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