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Sweet Gums - Poor Structural Form

Subject: Sweet Gums - Poor Structural Form
From: Tim Errington
Date: May 12 2017 02:10:46
Dear Forum,

My patch has a disproportionate number of Sweet Gum street trees and reserve 
plantings which I suspect are the 'Worplesdon' variety.  Unfortunately, the 
majority of these trees appear to have a generic disposition to form poorly 
structured bifurcations resulting in numerous large branch failures on most 

As these prominent trees are now attaining reasonable proportions, I consider 
that I am at a crossroads where I need to decide whether to stick with these 
trees or gradually phase them out and replace with new plantings.

I would be glad to hear from anyone else in a similar situation and how they 
are handling the issue.

Cheers, Tim 

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