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Tree constraints plans

Subject: Tree constraints plans
From: Peter Wharton
Date: May 19 2017 14:15:57
Afternoon all,

Hopefully everyone is drying out after a rain drenched week.

I have been having some discussions with a number of tree officers lately
about tree constraints plans and what their purpose is. Our company view is
that tree constraints plans are a design tool, to give to architects,
designers etc, to defining developable areas on a site, therefore informing
design. They do not necessarily need to be submitted with an application,
but should inform design ideally, and through a bit of education of our
better clients, this seems to be working. My view is that a impact plan
should have the design overlay on it and not the tree contraints plan.

I am interested to know what other people's ideas are on this matter, both
consultants and tree officers. There are such varying opinions on it and
none of this is helped by the fact that the current BS, from what I can
find, does not have a description or section on tree constraints plans. I
actually can't even see the phrase 'tree constraints plan'. I'm sure this
has been discussed before. Must be up for revision soon.

Kind regards,


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