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Ah tree and wall in Conservation Area

Subject: Ah tree and wall in Conservation Area
From: Topher Martyn
Date: Jun 14 2017 12:50:00

We have a 19th century brick wall, with a young ash rooting into the base.  
Our engineer is clear that the tree is damaging the wall, and, as its growing 
out of the base of the wall, its clearly going to get worse over the coming 

The tree is about 10m tall, and 250mm dbh, and in Conservation Area, so 
undoubtedly covered by CA.

I'm preparing to give notice to the LA, as soon as I have the engineer's 
letter in support, but is there any viable exemption which could allow me, on 
professional advice (consulting engineer) to bypass the six week wait, or do 
I just need to wait it out.

The wall is along a pavement, but no indication its going to collapse 
imminently.  Wall not listed.

Very keen to stay safely within the law on this one, so not taking any 
shortcuts unless it is clearcut.


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