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How tasty? Apple tree bark

Subject: How tasty? Apple tree bark
From: David Bailey
Date: Jun 14 2017 14:11:06
Hi all,

Bit of a self-interest question this one, but it’s a nice story.

My 2 year old son planted an apple pip and it has been developing quite 
nicely ever since. We planted it out in the woods about 5 years ago and it 
has continued to grow, now being 6 foot high and 14 years old. 

We had a little scare when it was first planted out, as some small creature 
stripped most of the bark off the tree. I surrounded it with a discarded tree 
guard and no more stripping occurred.

I want to get rid of the guard as soon as possible to ensure the tree does 
not get any attention from the local idiots who roam the woods and enjoy 
smashing up anything, but I don't want to risk the tree getting its bark 

Any advice as to at what age an apple tree's bark toughens up enough to 
resist the advances of hungry mammals?



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