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On the subject of invasives....

Subject: On the subject of invasives....
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Jul 17 2017 08:58:46
Tim mentioning that Douglas Fir is a pest species in NZ has made me
remember that I went to Cragside (NT Property in Northumberland) a couple
of years ago and was somewhat taken aback at the amount of self-sown
Western Hemlock that was clearly becoming a pest. Along with the Rhodo,
Laurel and even Gaultheria.

As far as I'm aware only Rhodo is on Schedule 9, isn't it due for a review?
Anybody know? I know that some Wildlife Trusts lobbied for Cherry Laurel's
inclusion at the last review and round here I'd say that both Cherry and
Portuguese Laurel are a flippin nuisance so I'd welcome a review.


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