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Lombardy Poplars - Delamination of Buttress Roots

Subject: Lombardy Poplars - Delamination of Buttress Roots
From: Tim Errington
Date: Aug 09 2017 01:57:16

Hello all.

Following the recent failure of 2 mature Lombardy Poplar trees forming an 
avenue and growing adjacent to Lake Wanaka, I made an assessment of the 
remaining trees. Otago is blessed with a large number of mature Lombardy 
Poplars and they have become an iconic tree of the area, especially 
appreciated for their autumn colour See photo below.

Anyway, I noted on these particular trees many instances of delamination in 
the buttresses, particularly the very wide and thin buttresses. This 
delamination follows the grain and in all cases the basal stem appeared sound 
and the small split was callusing over well, some older splits now just a 
line in the bark, though tapping with a hammer indicates that there is an 
underlying fault.

As you would expect, the trees are subject to sometimes severe wind forces so 
I'm guessing that this phenomenon is just a result of excessive wind loading, 
though I was wondering if anyone else has observed this in Lombardy's.

Cheers, Tim

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