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Subject: NJUG 4
From: Sharon Hosegood
Date: Aug 11 2017 11:31:35
Dear collective

I checked the NJUG website today and could not find the NJUG 4
document *'Guidelines
for the planning, installation and maintenance of utility apparatus in
proximity to trees' *on the website.  It used to be very easy to find.

I phoned NJUG and the gentleman told me that their website had been re-done
and this document 'might have been taken off'.  Neither of us could tell
for sure as some of their website was down.

I raised my concern that this important document was not readily and easily
available, and asked if it was up for review.  I also asked if I could join

NJUG said that they would get back to me when it is up for review and the
process of review.  As arbs we cannot join NJUG (fair enough), but I feel
it is important that we have a voice.

 - has anyone been actively involved with the Expert Practitioners panel?

The gentleman on the end of the phone was very helpful, but if you feel
concerned that we have 'slipped through the fingers of the website
designer', perhaps we can individually contact NJUG to let them know how
important this document is?

All the best


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