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Fungal Ident on Holm Oak

Subject: Fungal Ident on Holm Oak
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Sep 04 2017 12:36:30
Hi all,

Found this fruiting body on an old wound 4 metres up the trunk on Holm Oak. I 
first thought Laetiporus sulphureus, but then noticed the guttation droplets 
like you would normally find on Inonotus dryadeus. On that basis, it doesn’t 
seem to fit the criteria for either. It’s out of reach so I don’t have a 
cross section, before anyone asks. I couldn’t get a good view of the upper 
side, but it looks as if there is some green algal growth, like found on 
Rigidoporus ulmarius. However, I wouldn’t  associate the shrimp pink flesh 
and guttation with R. ulmarius either. 
Any ideas?  


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