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Re: Fungal Ident on Holm Oak

Subject: Re: Fungal Ident on Holm Oak
From: Humphries, David
Date: Sep 04 2017 15:34:54
I've noted guttation on a wide range of both annual and perennial fruit 
bodies Jonathan.

The best examples are commonly found on  Inonotus hispidus, Psuedoinonotus 
dryadeus and Fomitopsis pinicola. But I've also seen the perennial species of 
Ganoderma, Fomes, Aurantiporus, Laetiporus, Fistulina, Kretzschmaria and many 
others go through the process of water regulation which leads to the presence 
of droplets on both the upper and pore surface.

Lots of images of this in my files but I don't believe I've got one of 
Rigidoporus ulmarius doing it (I'd have to check) but I wouldn't be surprised.

David Humphries

Trees Management Officer
City of London
North London Open Spaces

07775X XXXXX

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Thanks for the feedback so far.  Would you get prolific guttation on R. 
ulmarius David? The photo (compressed) doesn’t do it justice. It was a dry 
day so definitely not rain drops.

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