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Re: Water Demand of Cotoneaster

Subject: Re: Water Demand of Cotoneaster
From: Jon
Date: Sep 08 2017 08:05:12
.....   if you design a foundation that only considers trees that are already 
rather than trees that might be planted (and grown, and removed) in the
future, then it's not really an adequate foundation. 
Getting these things right at an early stage is likely to be a relatively 
minor cost in
comparison to future rectification. Innit? 
It's an interesting point you make Bill but clearly the answer is it all 
What does "get things right" mean? Digging a few centimetres deeper for the 
foundation? Digging a metre deeper? Using different foundation designs? 
Clearly there is an escalating cost, depending on how far you go and remember 
you will need to do this for ALL houses in the appropriate soils. 150,000 
homes per year at £1000 per house (for example) is not a relatively minor 
cost for society at a whole.
It's all a case of balance and trade off. Is the current balance wrong? Could 
it be improved? Considering a large proportion of subsidence claims is on 
older houses where this discussion is irrelevant to a large degree the focus 
needs to be on what problems occur on modern houses, taking away inadequate 
conservatories and poorly designed and executed extensions.
Might a few million per year on pollarding/tree management/tree removal be 
both cheaper and lead to a much better tree stock?
There's a research project for someone!

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