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Hedges to satisfy NHBC Chapter 4.2

Subject: Hedges to satisfy NHBC Chapter 4.2
From: Ben Rose
Date: Sep 13 2017 14:42:24
Dear all,

I have a problem where a neighbour's hedge is requiring that my client has to 
build a structure with a piled foundation rather than a standard foundation. 
Its a young Leyland cypress hedge and of course the engineer has to calculate 
the foundation depths based on the maximum height of the trees. My client is 
going to ask the neighbour if they are willing to replace their new hedge 
with trees of a different species - but what to plant?

In my view the water use of any hedge can be maintained if the hedge is kept 
small by regular maintenance, however I'm unaware of any part of Chapter 4.2 
that would support this. If Chapter 4.2 has to be used I suppose hornbeam or 
holly could be used to make a hedge because these are listed as low water 
demand species.

Can anyone advise otherwise?


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