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conifer ident please

Subject: conifer ident please
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Oct 09 2017 07:03:47
Dear collective,

                Any ideas on this; young-mature tree about 15m high, 28cm
dbh; cones on branches close enough to reach, hanging down not upright in
upper part of crown; needles 35mm long; two white stomatal bands beneath,
not sharp or stiff; leaf-scar more or less flush with twig (no peg); cones
1-12cm long, resinous, bulging in centre rather than cylindrical, hard,
heavy (for their size), papery tongues protruding from under each
cone-scale, each dividing into three points. Braches fairly long and
pendulous. In a garden with a collection of trees of the same general age
(dbh;s 25-60), including unusual birches and a range of common and less
common conifers - and this.


Any ideas gratefully received


All the best



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