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Another big Beech to care for.

Subject: Another big Beech to care for.
From: Charlie Ashworth
Date: Nov 13 2017 13:30:09
Hello All,

I have a client with another very large Beech with a partially compacted 
rooting area (caused by excessive traffic for the type of surface, some 
surface root damage and some fungal fruiting bodies of possibly honey fungus 
(rotted down so difficult to tell).  Stem is sound, crown is stunningly 
perfect. Owners are aware of risks and would like to maintain tree for as 
long as possible.

Ideally I’d like to arrange decompaction/aeration, root investigation, 
mulching, create a new driveway surface (including cellular system and 
permeable surface) and create an aesthetically pleasing barrier to stop 
traffic cutting the corner again and causing direct damage to the exposed 
roots.  Majority of traffic has already been diverted, but some access to the 
rear of the property is still required (I did suggest moving it all but that 
was a step too far).  

In the long term I have warned that systematic retrenchment may be required 
as well as the above, though I am loathe to do this to a beech and such a 
fine specimen.

I ask for any sources of information, guidance, or research on similar cases. 
 Also, of any contacts for advice or the decompaction, aeration and root 
investigation that cover the north west of England.  

And of course if there is something that I may not have mentioned as a course 
of action you feel would be pertinent in saving this ‘big Ol’ girl’ from past 
poor management, please do let me know.

Best Wishes

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