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Construction vehicle ground pressure

Subject: Construction vehicle ground pressure
From: Ben Rose
Date: Nov 14 2017 16:39:13
Hi All,

I've been working on a method statement for constructing a cycle track in a 
woodland, and part of this process has been working out what sized vehicles 
may be used during construction. The data isn't out there in an easily 
digestible form and so I've spent a few days searching for answers, and I 
think that most tree geeks will find the results interesting.

It turns out that all sizes of digger exert about the same amount of ground 
pressure (approx. 30kPa)

Tracked dumpers exert a much lower ground pressure than wheeled dumpers, and 
so I suggest that we arboriculturists should be specifying that they are used 
when working near trees. Also, a tracked 5tonne dumper (loaded) exerts a 
lower ground pressure than a tracked 1tonne or 2.5tonne dumper when loaded.

I've attached a table that shows the ground pressure exerted by different 
vehicles. The wheeled dumper info is from a friendly engineer from Thwaites 
and so I'm confident that its reliable, and the tracked dumper info is from 
the Kubota range. The rest is collated from Wikipedia and any other websites 
that I could find.

If anyone has any additional data that I can add to this table please let me 
know. Also I'm interested in the effects that different tyres of 
load-spreading boards have on ground pressure, and so if anyone knows this 
please get in contact.

Best regards,


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