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From: Jon
Date: Dec 01 2017 10:31:46
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I'm intrigued by Cardiff's Supplementary Planning Guidance which appears to 
be littered with additional Technical Guidance Notes. Where do they get the 
time to write 122 pages on Ecology and Biodiversity......and is there any 
need - isn't there enough guidance out there already?
Some appear to have been "consulted" on but not yet put in the approved list 
(so in the pipeline). The 2007 SPG on trees and development is however, very has examples of Arboricultural Method Statements and other 
assessments which I have not seen elsewhere. Unfortunately, it appears to be 
in the process of being replaced by a 2017 version which doesn't contain 
these interesting appendices and possibly worse may contradict Ben's quoted 
document. In para 8.3 reads:
"Where large root-balled or container trees (Extra Heavy Standards and 
larger) are proposed, consideration should be given to supporting the 
root-ball on a 150mm-400mm layer (depending on the size of the tree and 
ground conditions) of washed sand to maintain aeration and free drainage and 
help to support the tree, and prevent the weight of the rootball causing 
compaction damage to surrounding soils."
Isn't this describing what you are criticising?

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