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Subject: Trees & Planning
From: "Peter Thurman"
Date: Dec 01 2017 10:52:42
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I have been expressing some concerns to a LPA about tree protection measures
on a development site [60 houses] near me.

Approval was gained on appeal.

The tree consultancy that produced the tree report were only commissioned up
to the approval stage.

Many retained trees have inadequate barrier fencing.

Many RPAs have been severely encroached upon [50%] by traditional road
construction methods involving 600-700mm excavations.


Responses to my concerns so far:

"There was no condition attached requiring arboricultural supervision. This
is an industry standard and, as such, is enforced by the industry body, eg,
RIBA requires architectural supervision as good practice, but this is not
conditioned by local authorities".


"The RPA is calculated as you suggest [it hasn't]. However, as previously
stated, a valid planning consent overrides a TPO and, therefore, tree
protection measures can only protect the extent of development. Works
required to implement the development such as drainage, services, kerbage
etc associated with the formation of a roundabout/road are included in


"Whilst I note your comments, the site has been visited again and I
calculate that perhaps another 30cms of tree protection may be gained in the
area you photographed." [for some trees, this should read over 6m]. 


"The site manager has been informed and has agreed to rectify this matter
today. I would also advise that one of your photographs shows protective
fencing before it has finished being erected, ie, stacked up." [The adjacent
new road has already been constructed].


I'm happy to forward pics [please e-mail me].


My main query is what does the first quote mean?


Peter Thurman




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