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Subject: Re: Message to rejected - too large
From: Wayne Tyson
Date: Dec 02 2017 21:23:33
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One of the first things I did when I moved onto a new property (years ago)
was to cut down a huge blue gum (*Eucalyptus globulus*), leaving the stump
so that I could harvest firewood at optimum diameter. I have since found
that, with large trees like eucalypts that this should not be done. The
stems arising from epicormic buds around the stump, if not regularly cut,
will grow over the stump, eventually appearing to be a "normal" tree, but
containing within their trunk a weakened plane or zone that makes the tree
subject to breaking. I am attempting to attach a photo of another example
where, in the tree's (*E. cladocalyx*) younger years it was cut off,
probably for firewood (about 100 years ago). The only outward symptom was a
bulge where the dead stump lay (almost) hidden in the heartwood, leaving an
oval opening (rather than a round one) with parallel vertical grain exposed
inside instead of a cross-grain view that would indicate the more common
case of a lateral branch removal. In the photo, another tree can be seen in
the background with an oval wound *plus* multiple co-dominant leaders--yet
another sign that lay people could use to stimulate them to call for
professional assistance. (I must confess, however, that before this
incident, I probably would not have gotten any of the three hints that
internal weakness lay dormant within.) In this same park, there are much
larger trees that have overgrown their stumps that may constitute a
significant hazard.

(Photo is too large to post; those wishing to see it may contact me
off-forum for a copy. Other detail views also are available.)


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