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Problems with Tree Sand

Subject: Problems with Tree Sand
Date: Dec 06 2017 06:33:48

I fully agree with Ben Rose and his comments on tree sand and tree planting.

In addition to the use of tree sand,  landscape architects are still regularly
specifying 200mm of urban tree soil or topsoil to cover the rootball.

Many of these architects are using cad blocks provided by suppliers of 

If you have any doubts over the poor planting practices promoted by these
companies,  please have a look at the images used on their websites.   

The trees shown on their websites are all planted too deep, with no root 
visible and with a layer of ‘soil’ and mulch covering the rootball and piled 
against the trunk.

These products might work but their efficacy is severely compromised and money
is wasted by planting the tree too deep.


Peter Wilkins

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