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Re: Soil gouge samplers

Subject: Re: Soil gouge samplers
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Dec 06 2017 09:47:30
Hi Charlie, 

I use the same type of soil sampler that Simon describes. Its a solid bit of 
quality Swedish steel. Despite the same drawbacks in tough soils, it is an 
invaluable multi-tool for tree surveying:

1m long probe for large cavity inspections (with 10cm markers along the 
Scraping soil and leaf litter out of buttress valleys
Tactile and audio inspection of buttress valleys (you can hear a nice crunch 
if you hit K.deusta FBs)   
Levering ivy stems off trees
Scraping ivy foliage off trees
Bashing bramble, briar and nettles to get the base of a tree
Support for clambering up and down steep banks
Hooking down low branches to get a close look at twigs, buds and leaves 
Propping my weather writer upright so it doesn’t get soaked in wet grass
Tethering my dog
Oh yes....and soil sampling  

The cutting tip can get a bit beaten up and needs a few strokes with a round 
and flat file to get its edge back.
I’ve squirted orange tree paint along its shaft to stop me from losing it in 
the undergrowth (as I have with most of my tools). Hope I don’t lose it again 
as Stanton Hope don’t seem to sell them any more and cant find them elsewhere.


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