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Conifers to be reclassified as flowering plants

Subject: Conifers to be reclassified as flowering plants
From: Dom Gane
Date: Dec 07 2017 09:17:14
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In case you missed it.
In a shock public announcement yesterday Dr Duncan Slater of Myerscough
College and Manchester Univ. confirmed that because of their similarities
to the reproductive structures of angiosperms, conifer cones should be
termed flowers.
When questioned about the work behind this groundbreaking discovery
Duncan cited extensive research in two tree id handbooks as the
foundation for his position.
When challenged and asked about more traditional botany texts Duncan
maintained that his view was such that he held it necessary to sweep
aside confusing, traditional taxonomy and nomenclature, like cone and
presumably conifers.
Duncan insisted that adopting the term flower universally for the
reproductive structures of all seed plants reflected the similarities in
those structures and aided accessibility and clarity.
Duncan ensured his, and presumably his parents institutions, position on
stuffy and complicated, traditional botany was clear by posting more
pictures of conifer cones on a very popular social network and referring
to them repeatedly as flowers.
One point of some interest was a cone bearing both mega and
microsporangia, however this was taken as evidence for the closer
taxonomic relationship between conifers and flowering plants than
traditionally allowed for and was presented as a hermaphrodite flower.
Joking aside, unless I missed an taxonomic upheaval of some magnitude,
IMHO one of my degrees just became worth less by association.

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