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Tree protection without tree officers

Subject: Tree protection without tree officers
From: Jon
Date: Dec 07 2017 14:45:44
Signs of things to come? Here is the wording of a planning condition arising 
from a Council that no longer has a tree officer.....but the planners have 
received at least one day's arboricultural training I am led to believe.
"Existing trees, shrubs and hedgerows identified for retention within the 
development site or existing trees growing on an adjacent site, where 
excavations, changes to land levels or underground works are within the crown 
spread, shall be protected in accordance with BS 5837:2012 (OK so far! using 
the following protective fence specification:-
Chestnut paling fence 1.2m in height, to BS 1722 part 4, securely mounted on 
1.7m x 7cm x 7.5cm timber posts driven firmly into the ground. The fence 
shall be erected below the outer most limit of the branch spread or at a 
distance equal to half the height of the tree, whichever is the furthest from 
the tree, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning 
BS 1722 part 4 dates from 1986 and is titled Fences. Specification for cleft 
chestnut pale fences. 
Is this wording a hangover from past practices?


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