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Identifying trees within Groups - TPOs

Subject: Identifying trees within Groups - TPOs
From: Paul Barton
Date: Dec 07 2017 14:54:24
Hello tree people,

Could anyone tell me if there is a standardised or recommended way to
clearly identify which trees within a ‘group’ covered by a TPO are
identifiable?  For example, G1 of a TPO is specified as 5 x Oak and 3 x
Ash, but in actual fact there are 6 x Oak and 4 x Ash.

It is conceivable that not all trees within the group are of sufficient
merit to warrant protection by the Order, but at the same time it would be
hard to enforce selective removals of some trees provided that the total
number of trees remaining add up to the same total as the schedule!

In order to avoid any ambiguity, do some tree officers show approximate
stem locations (labelled) within the broken line on the plan?  Or is there
another, better way of doing this?

Kind regards,

Paul Barton
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