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RE: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan

Subject: RE: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan
From: David
Date: Dec 13 2017 15:07:09
<<Only an observation but would it be better to avoid contractions.>>

Hi Chris

Thanks for the feedback.  I think the contractions are helpful because one of 
the points of the Plan is ease of communication and understanding.  I've done 
quite a bit of research into this and if you want to communicate with 
'clarity and impact' then contractions, short sentences, plain English, and 
dumping jargon are all good things.  I appreciate it might not be to 
everyone's taste, and am more than happy to remove them if a 'derivative' is 
required because that's the style the user wants, but I would advise against.

In one of my first drafts of the Policy, to my shame, I used the terms 
'stakeholder' and 'ecosystem services', and someone quite correctly gave me a 
slap for it.


Acer ventura

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