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Re: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan

Subject: Re: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan
From: Julian Morris
Date: Dec 14 2017 10:21:29
I am currently a QTRA user but I am following the evolution of VALID with 
interest. I am most interested in balancing tree risks and benefits. QTRA 
currently forms a platform for me to do that. Can you please summarise what 
the difference between your proposed approach and QTRA would be?

Also at p4 "To justify the additional costs of a Level 3 – Advanced 
assessment, the tree must have enough value and potential because of the 
benefits it provides." Does VALID have any means of evaluating value, 
potential and benefits in mind?

As a related afterthought, in cases where an Advanced assessment is not 
required (perhaps because likelihood of failure is known with sufficient 
confidence) will there be no equivalent evaluation of value, potential and 
benfits before deciding on risk reduction work on proportionality grounds 

Julian A. Morris - Professional Tree Services  and
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Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 10:51 AM
From: David <>
To: "UK Tree Care" <>
Subject: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan

Here's the VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan to accompany the Policy
for you guys to chew over and comment on - or let me know off forum.  This
one is mocked up for a Council, and I'd be particularly interested in your
collective thoughts about 'active' and 'passive' assessments.  Please feel
free to forward to any Tree Officers you know who aren't on the UKTC.
Naturally, this text heavy document should be broken up with some pretty
photos if formally adopted.


For those of you not familiar with this style document the idea is that you
can very quickly make sense of it by only reading the 'headlines' in the
left-hand column.  You read what's on the right-hand side when you want to
know more.


I plan to waive copyright on this (along with the Policy I've posted
before), and to share it through a Creative Commons License. Those icons in
the bottom left-hand corner mean that you're welcome to use it, as long as
you attribute it, it's for non-commercial purposes, and there no derivatives
- in other words don't adapt it without permission.  I'm very happy to see
derivatives shared out there but the reason I've included this layer is
because I'm concerned that the really important bits could be altered so
much the policy or plan no longer works as well.  I've spent an awful lot of
time writing as little as I can, and some parts of the 'little' really
matter.  However, other parts like assessment intervals, the livery, and
even whether you use VALID, are customisable.


When VALID training starts early next year (I'll pay the UKTC to let you
guys know), there will be a version that can be used commercially.  So you
can provide your clients with a policy and plan package to accompany the
assessment.  For someone with one tree in their back garden the 'plan' would
be as simple as a passive assessment for 'obvious defects', in which case
they'll get someone in to carry out a Level 2 - Detailed.


There's a number of people I owe pints to for their contributions to this,
and I'm really grateful for their help in getting it to where it currently
stands.  I'll share their blushes by not naming them, but they know who they




Acer ventura

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