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VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan - Risk Reduction Work Priorities

Subject: VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management Plan - Risk Reduction Work Priorities
From: David
Date: Dec 20 2017 09:45:28
A new thread to canvas opinion on this part of the Tree Risk-Benefit
Management Plan template.  Same Creative Commons sharing license as before.
Same informal, plain English, write less if you can, easy to understand
style.  And it can be customised.


This has been a particularly interesting journey for me because I have no
experience of managing tree maintenance budgets for Councils or large land
owners.  So I have a lot of Tree Officers in particular to thank for getting
it to where it has got to so far.  Introducing VALID and playing Likelihood
of Failure Clubs with the Municipal Tree Officers Association a couple of
times, and the Greater Yorkshire Tree Officers Group, proved to be really
helpful here.


One thing I was very keen to avoid was specific time responses because I can
see way more problems than I can advantages.  Particularly with the implied
'accuracy' for how long an unacceptable risk is unacceptable for when risk
reduction work is say given a time frame of x weeks.  Such time frames can
all too easily be turned into a stick to beat the manager with when they're
not met.  Then there's also the issue of not knowing what the budget is.


Any comments on or off forum, are very welcome.




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