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Re: Biodisc effluent - impact to trees?

Subject: Re: Biodisc effluent - impact to trees?
From: Dom Gane
Date: Dec 21 2017 17:38:12
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Quite an interesting read. One of the things which causes trees to
disassociate from their symbiotic fungi is an excess of nitrogen. They
don't need to allocate carbon to the acquisition of nutrients. Another
way of saying this is an imbalanced C:N ratio in the soil, adding carbon
rich material to eutrophic soils may well be beneficial to mycorrhizal
fungal communities. Adding nitrogen compounds will not be.
In places where soil are poor and mycorrhizal diversity is low, like
China, they routinely inoculate trees with mycorrhizas before
outplanting. Inoculated trees grow better and suffer lest pest attack. I
co authored a paper on the topic some years ago. If you're interested I
can let you have the citation.
I guess the problem with jst adding biochar or biosolids to address a C:N
imbalance would be that a lot of the soil community may be missing and
need to be reintroduced.

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