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RE: VALID Training

Subject: RE: VALID Training
From: David
Date: Dec 21 2017 19:45:33
<<I may have missed this, but have you prepared dates and venues for the 
proposed VALID training.>>

Hi Paul

Thanks very much for the interest.

Yes, there's a provisional calendar of what I'm up to for the first half of 
2018 on the Facebook Page on the link below, and the plan is begin UK 
training at the end of April through to mid-June.  As soon as I have the 
dates confirmed I'll be investing in some advertising space on the UKTC and 
letting you know on here.

I've not got Ireland as a venue yet but if you think there'd be enough 
interest I've got some flexibility around the dates listed.  Or shall I let 
you know which one Russell Ball is coming along to so we can re-enact the ISA 
UK/I Chapter's Plant Health Care Tour from the end of the last century?


Acer ventura

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