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lightning fatalities vs tree fatalities

Subject: lightning fatalities vs tree fatalities
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Dec 29 2017 11:32:44
Hi collective,

A happy new year to you all!

I was given a v. amusing book as a Christmas pressy - 'What If' by Randall
Munroe - subtitled 'serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical
questions' - based on a website.  Well worth a read.

One thing that attracted my attention was the mention, in passing, that 28
people were killed by lightning in the US in 2012. Does anyone have the
figures for the number of US tree fatalities in the same year;  or a wider
spread of data on the two?  The reason I ask is that one comment re tree
safety that I have frequently heard made is that one is statistically more
likely to be killed by lightning than by a tree.  It would be interesting to
see if the stats bore this out - either here or in the US of A.



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