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Subject: TPO condition appeals

Subject: Subject: TPO condition appeals
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 08 2018 15:12:09
I assume you had no problem with the condition itself? If you don't have a
problem with the condition, there seems little point of appealing. It takes
too long anyway.


You merely need to agree:


Species - if not the species being lost, there should be some positive
justification for your choice and a good reason given for the one chosen. If
the council are proposing species as a result of their preferences without
giving good reason I would simply continue to argue  your case.


Size - this is typically the stumbling block & a scientific review showing
small trees are likely to establish better, grow more quickly and are
cheaper should be accepted, unless there is a real reason for planting
bigger. Remember the council should be compensating you for any loss you
incur as a result of their imposition i.e. they pay for the bigger tree that
they insist on.


Location of replacement - if this isn't close to where the tree to be lost
is then it's difficult to judge whether your proposed planting spot is
appropriate..or not.


I assume there is no dispute over the number of trees to be planted? Can
only be one for one.


Can  you clarify what  the stumbling block is?




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