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Veteran tree RPAs

Subject: Veteran tree RPAs
From: John Hearne
Date: Jan 10 2018 13:34:53
Dear Collective,

Current guidance recommends that ancients and veterans are afforded RPAs of
15 x stem diameter. This gives a 20.5m radius for a tree I am dealing with.
The tree is quite big but in rude health - massive full crown - no veteran
features other than dbh which I'd regard as borderline (1.37m).

My client wishes to build on 2% of outer veteran RPA. LPA have required
pile and beam foundation. Client wants trial dig to discover roots and
hopefully avoid pile and beam but, atthat distance, I think its impractical.

Personally, I have no concerns about a 2% infringement of such a huge RPA
of a healthy tree. There is unrestricted rooting in all other directions.
But what is the provenance of the 15 x recommendation other than the
rationale that it should be bigger than 5837 for 'ordinary' trees. There
appears to be no distinction between 'old' and thus particularly vulnerable
trees, and trees that perhaps have the odd veteran feature, thus qualifying
them for veteran status despite being of good health.

Any experiences welcomed


Hearne Arboriculture

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