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From: Sarah Johnston
Date: Feb 01 2018 16:01:09
Hi there people,

I am currently working on a proposal for Arts Council Funding project with my partner focusing on the depletion of the mature tree stock and I am interested to know if there are any records/data of the numbers of mature trees, gaps within planting that resulted in decline of mature tree numbers as we wait for younger trees to mature and the short and long term negative impacts.

We want to highlight the impact mature/veteran trees have within our cities making them more vibrant, healthy, cohesive places for people to live in, increasingly important as the population of urban areas continues to grow.

Obviously many people and organsiations are involved with the on-going greening of our built environments and and this will also be reflected.

At this stage it is hoped that the project will be exhibited across a range of venues within the built environment in Hampshire; as well as at festivals and country shows. The aim is for maximum exposure across social and age groups to encourage awareness and increased involvement from the public.

The project will combine painting and sculpture as a medium for delivering this message as well as having workshops from other artists and an educational element. The interactive nature of movement of people within the work will reflect the urban forest.

I will be posting updates and no doubt have more queries as the application and project itself evolves. We will at some point be looking for external match funding so any suggestions for this also welcome

Any thoughts or data greatly received, you can reply here or email privately.

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


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