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TPO'ing unplanted trees

Subject: TPO'ing unplanted trees
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Mar 08 2018 10:36:10
Let us suppose that a landscaping scheme approved by condition is not 
precisely implemented, and a breach of condition notice is mooted but 
problematic. Would a TPO on the unplanted trees help matters? I can't see 
that it would, but hope that it might.

Also, can I put unplanted trees in with existing trees on an order and have a 
staggered effect, i.e the existing trees protected on day one, or does the 
order only take effect when the new trees go in, as would be the case if the 
order comprised new trees only? I have tried to find the answer in the usual 
places and as usual have failed.

Regards, Edmund

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Heritage and Urban Design
City Planning

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