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Subject: Re: Sent from Capture Screenshot lite
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Mar 13 2018 17:39:14

The natives here have another approach
[attached image taken from ]

I think the First People win.

On 13/03/2018 16:57, Wayne Tyson wrote:
Context is everything, but the First People here in North America followed
a practice now known as the "Dakota Hole." It provides an efficient cooking
fire with minimal fuel (sticks, not logs) consumption and smoke (it burns
that hot), and when it's time for lights-out, breakfast can be inserted
onto a dirt-covered bed on the coals (some saved out for a few inches down
from the top), a final few inches of dirt, and one's bedroll placed on top.
They are resistant to wind, a particular advantage here where the risk of
forest fires is high. Harder for enemies to see or smell from a distance.


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