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Measuring soil compaction / density

Subject: Measuring soil compaction / density
From: Paul Barton
Date: Apr 12 2018 11:50:59
Dear all,

I am looking to improve my ability to glean site specific information about
soils to better inform my judgments.  Does anyone use a soil penetrometer
or similar to assess soil compaction or density?  There are a few devices
on the market, normally via agricultural or pitch care suppliers but I am
unsure what the best and most useful solution is.  For example, some simple
penetrometers give a pressure reading in PSI but soil density values in
relation to inhibiting root growth are published in g/cm2.  There are some
online converters available but I want to be sure I am measuring the right

I’d be grateful to hear about any experience you have in assessing soils.

Kind regards,

Paul Barton
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