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Root Directors (not root barriers) - Observations please

Subject: Root Directors (not root barriers) - Observations please
From: Tim Errington
Date: Apr 16 2018 03:47:52
Hello all.

Just a quickie, does anyone have any observations or direct long term 
experience of trees planted inside root directors. I am currently specifying 
them for use when planting road side trees in new developments as I'm hoping 
to avoid the mass of large surface roots that can sometimes form directly 
around the basal main stem and result in the usual lifting of pavements, 
kerbing and tamac.

I specified root directors while organising tree planting in the UK, but have 
not be able to return to assess their effectiveness.

Regards, Tim

Tim Errington  |  Arboricultural Officer  |  Community Services
Queenstown Lakes District Council
Phone: +64 3 450 1715  |  Mobile: 021 1XX XXXX

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