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RE: Root Directors (not root barriers) - Observations please

Subject: RE: Root Directors (not root barriers) - Observations please
From: Roy Bowie | GreenBlue Urban
Date: Apr 16 2018 09:53:25
Providing a Root director for a tree in hard paving/surfacing only solves a 
third of the issue...keeping roots away from the surface and protecting 
public surfaces etc.

The other two thirds you need to think about is, 'where will my tree grow now 
it is not naturally rooting on the surface'?

This brings us to Soil Cells and the whole reason they exist is to provide 
like for like soil that a tree would naturally find in the forest.

A typical tree pit would look like the attached and this provides all the key 
elements that a tree would get in the forest:

        Uncompacted soil

You may all be interested to know what we have been listening to 
professionals like yourselves and subsequently have developed a more shallow 
root director,,  to keep 
the rooting pattern of the trees as natural as possible as well as doing them 
in modules,

The image sent earlier was used just for illustration purposes

Be glad of your comments and feedback.

Roy Bowie
GreenBlue Urban Ltd.

GreenBlue Urban Limited
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Subject: Re: Root Directors (not root barriers) - Observations please

Just for starters, such devices have the potential, and perhaps actually do, 
interfere with the development of of a strong, normal root system that 
includes resisting tipping forces, obtains nutrients (usually from fairly 
near the surface where plenty of oxygen is available for respiration), and 
anchors the tree both deeply and laterally. If this diagram is intended to 
sell this device, it has the opposite effect on me. The pivot point is moved 
down, but it still frustrates the development of roots that can provide good 
lateral support.

An alternative might be to use core borings in a radial pattern to direct the 
roots below the pavement but still near enough to the surface for efficient 
gas exchange and absorption of nutrients where most of the microbiome is 

Of course, planting trees in confined, paved spaces is not a good idea in the 
first place.

I look forward to your report on the installations you have made.


On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 8:47 PM, Tim Errington <>

Hello all.

Just a quickie, does anyone have any observations or direct long term
experience of trees planted inside root directors. I am currently
specifying them for use when planting road side trees in new
developments as I'm hoping to avoid the mass of large surface roots
that can sometimes form directly around the basal main stem and result
in the usual lifting of pavements, kerbing and tamac.

I specified root directors while organising tree planting in the UK,
but have not be able to return to assess their effectiveness.

Regards, Tim

Tim Errington  |  Arboricultural Officer  |  Community Services
Queenstown Lakes District Council
Phone: +64 3 450 1715  |  Mobile: 021 1XX XXXX

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