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Over-use of fertilisers in an orchard

Subject: Over-use of fertilisers in an orchard
From: Paul Hawksford
Date: May 04 2018 18:37:54
I have a client who suffered cattle damage within his small orchard. His 
friend suggested the use of fertilisers to put things right?! The apples had 
suffered some broken branches and the soils apparently became waterlogged due 
to the treading of the bullocks.

The friend suggested:

  *   Cerone - to stimulate the terminal bud and to heal the wounds on the 
bark and shoots
  *   High potash feed to encourage root development and help promote new 
feeder roots that had been damaged when the cattle had compacted the ground
  *   High nitrogen feed to help stimulate new growth after the cattle 
damaged the softer branches?
  *   Yara sulphur cut as a top dressing on sicker trees to bring them back 
to health after being stressed from ground and tree damage
  *   Complex as a foliar applied nutrient and trace element mix to help 
nurture the trees to full health
  *   Maccani, a fungicidal spray for apple trees to produce a healthy crop
  *   Headland seamxx a foliar applied seaweed with multiple health benefits 
to the trees recovery from stress
  *   Yara potato blend to help feed the roots of the apple trees
  *   Yara calcinet for as an application of calcium onto the trees to help 
prevent the apple from rotting once it was pulled as the tree may have drawn 
excess water from the roots and put it into the apple
  *   Seaweed based spray to further enhance the keeping quality of the apple 
and help repair any wound to the tree

I understand general fertiliser use, and no we cannot feed trees, but this 
sounds a bit like witchcraft to me. The mycorrhiza associations are doomed by 
this neolithic approach I think...

I'd appreciate some serious comments if at all possible!

There appears to be very little research on over-fertilising, some good stuff 
in the states however...... any suggestions warmly welcomed?


Paul Hawksford
Principal Arboriculturist

16 Ballydonaghy Road
County Antrim
BT29 4EP

M: +44 (0)7746 XXXXXX


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