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3D cellular systems

Subject: 3D cellular systems
From: Charlie Ashworth
Date: May 10 2018 14:57:59
Tree Diagnostics Ltd, Investigation Equipment - Arb Show - Stand T28
Pocket Equipment MICROSECOND-TIMER, provides quick onsite information 
ARBORSONIC 3D TOMOGRAPHY gives details about a trees interior 
Get information on fungi even before the wood decays using ARBORELECTRO
ROOT DETECTOR map & show root connectivity. Assess tree stability by 
STATICS LOAD TEST (PULLING) or measure response to wind using DYNAROOT    01423 XXX XXX


Does anyone have experience of using both Cellweb and Geoweb?  Is one better 
than the other for any reason?  Seems to be a large difference in the costs 
of the two products so I’m wondering why one would choose the more expensive 
of the two.  I only have experience of one make.

Thanks in advance for any positive replies.


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