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Woodchipper recall.

Subject: Woodchipper recall.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: May 14 2018 09:05:17
Last week we got a letter from our chipper supplier/manufacturer requiring
us to bring the thing in to an agents for a modification. This was
something of a relief as we were about to set to fix the crack in the
chassis ourselves. A colleague has also had a similar problem, fixed under
warranty. This is probably brought about by building the things to have a
kerb weight under 750kg, so that young people don't need to take another
driving test.

Although this is something of a non-story, apart from the frustration of
having to take it out of service for a couple of days and run around after
it that is; it occurs to me that not so long ago a recall such as this
would have probably ruined the manufacturer. Seems it's going to get a
whole new chassis, which must mean a bill of several hundred quid.

So the thing I'm going to take from this is that the/our industry must be
maturing if it's now large enough to have the sort of product recall that
is usually only issued by major industrial companies like Ford and BMW.

Just thought some of you might like to know these things are going on.


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