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Subject: Whiterose
From: Jim Quaife
Date: May 16 2018 08:42:33
Good morning all.
I have been absent for several weeks now due to our system being effectively 
closed down with a ransom virus Whiterose.
I shall not bore you with the details but we have had to replace our server 
and one desktop, and all our files were encrypted.  Fortunately we back up, 
but S*d's Law being what it is, we had had a malfunction and have lost much 
of the recent (and therefore current) stuff.  Our Outlook account had to be 
shut down, and you can imagine what that did as far a work enquiries and 
client contact went.
We are at 90% now and will limp back to normal by the end of this week.
This new variant piggy-backed onto a legit e-mail from the Imperial War 
Museum.  I had ordered entry tickets on line and when the confirmation e-mail 
arrived it looked fine, but as soon as I clicked on "print the tickets" a red 
banner came up with a phishing warning, and that was that!  It was so new 
that it got through but our virus protection now recognises.  (Our IT bloke 
downloaded an analytical program from our virus protection mob and they has 
the data within a couple of hours).
The reason I am posting this is to remind anyone who might be complacent to 
make sure that you back up at the end of each day and keep your virus 
protection up to date.
There was a farmer on Countryfile on Sunday who had the same problem, but he 
had personal and business stuff on the same computer and hadn't backed up.  
Not only did he lose all his farm records, but also a load of personal stuff, 
including family photographs going back a couple of decades.
I repeat - do all you can to be secure - don't go home/pub/bordello until you 
have backed up that day.

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