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RE: Network Rail - Between 10 and 50 000 leaves per tree

Subject: RE: Network Rail - Between 10 and 50 000 leaves per tree
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: May 16 2018 10:20:37
I have been asked the questions 1. Is Network Rail planning felling in 
Nottingham? And 2. Would the City Council serve a TPO to control the work? I 
can imagine the same questions are being raised across the country.

The second answer will be influenced by legal advice and political 
imperatives, but in respect to the first, does Network Rail have finalised 
programmes of work from one region to the next? Maybe if you're there Neil 
you could help me with this, or direct me to the relevant party in the 

A certain amount of railway felling has been done here over the years without 
generating much excitement.

Edmund Hopkins
Tree Officer
Heritage and Urban Design
City Planning

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