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RE: The Tree Health Resilience Strategy

Subject: RE: The Tree Health Resilience Strategy
From: Jim Quaife
Date: Jun 13 2018 05:43:27
It is unfortunate, but typical that arboriculture has not been mentioned.  It 
is a young profession, but in the last few years the AA has made significant 
inroads to both houses of parliament with a presence on important cross-party 
committees, and its claim to be the "Voice of Arboriculture" is fully 
understood and accepted. The membership has almost doubled in the last few 
years to some 2600, and the structure and performance of it has advanced 
spectacularly, and unrecognisable in comparison to the fragile condition it 
was in following the economic crash in 2008.
Yes, clearly I am an avid supporter, but so much has changed for the better 
and our international links are expanding the whole time.  Perhaps the most 
"politically" significant is that we have a formal and reciprocal 
relationship with the ISA.
That still doesn't mean that we are fully recognised by all agencies and 
organisations, but that is largely historical.  
With the current rate of advancement, in another 10 years the AA will not be 
ignored like this.

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Subject: RE: The Tree Health Resilience Strategy

Morning all.

On following the link provided by John, I see that:

"As part of this approach, a new senior cross-industry Plant Health Alliance 
to strengthen biosecurity practices across industry has been established. The 
Alliance brings together the country’s leading nurseries, retailers, tree 
suppliers, landscapers, foresters, the RHS and Defra to ensure an effective 
response to threats such as Xylella and Emerald Ash Borer". 

No mention of the Arb Association? Admitedly I have been out of Blighty for 
some years now, but has The ICF become the lead body in such matters, surely 
the AA has a valuable part to play when it comes to advising and monitoring 
pests and diseases and tree health in the UK.


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