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Summer branch drop

Subject: Summer branch drop
From: David Bailey
Date: Jul 01 2018 17:34:00
Hi all,

I've got a case on where a 150-200 year old relatively healthy looking beech 
has dropped a 3-4 tonne 600mm over-stretched branch on a Mini below it. 
No-one hurt, but it was a still evening and the break pattern was not a tear 
out, it was more like cubeoid cracks. The wood appears to be very brittle and 
dry almost resembling brown rot that you get in conifers. I can't find any 
signs of decay fungi etc.

Growth rings on the tree have been getting noticeably slower almost down to 
nowt over past few years. The situation is estate built around tree 50-60 
years ago some roots graded out, most of important rooting area built or 
paved over.

To be honest, I'm surprised it has lasted this long as the crown doesn't look 
too bad.

Has anyone dealing with a beech dropping large branches ever had a chance to 
have a look at the wood where the failure happened? What was your impression 
of the wood?



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