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Fairy Lights in trees.

Subject: Fairy Lights in trees.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Jul 06 2018 13:29:39
What ho!
Just been to see what might have been summer branch drop but turned out to
be an elderly Beech tree in the sort of condition where it shedding a
branch could be regarded as entirely foreseeable. (Not that it's caused a

However the tree and its neighbours are liberally festooned with fairy
lights, and conduit has been nailed (yes with nails) to the tree to
accommodate the power supply. Obviously I disapprove although it would be
hard to blame the lights for the tree's poor condition.

However, I'm forced to consider whether we; the fraternity, have a
consensus on the desirability or otherwise of fairy lights in trees. Any
thoughts? This lot are so entangled that it would be difficult to remove
them without wire cutters, and clearly the conduit won't be removed without
causing further damage to the bark.

Thanks as ever; Bill.

PS. Can we call em fairy lights nowadays? Or am I offending some minority
group? (again)

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