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Tree Risk Assessment - Review

Subject: Tree Risk Assessment - Review
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 09 2018 07:43:58
For those of you who might be interested, here's a link to an updated and
improved version of the Tree Risk Assessment review article that I shared a
couple of months ago.  There's quite a lot of improvements, so if you've
already downloaded the previous version for reference then I'd recommend
replacing it with this.


I've made some alterations to the text and images to what's been published.
Mainly so the images are arranged closer to the point in the text where
they're discussed.  I've also updated the images from the App storyboard to
make them current.  They include the people icon at the bottom right which
takes you to the page where you work out whether the combination of traffic
and people means the occupancy should be one category higher.  In this case,
if you include people as well as traffic is the likelihood of occupation 1
Very High instead of 2 High?




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